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About us

Myanwave Co.,Ltd

Established in 2014, MYANWAVE stands as a stalwart organization committed to the ongoing and dynamic advancement of Myanmar’s human resources. Our unwavering dedication to this cause has fueled our growth and garnered us recognition within the industry.

A pivotal milestone in our journey occurred in 2018, when we proudly aligned ourselves with the SHEINOVIC Holding Group as a member company. This strategic collaboration not only strengthened our position in the market but also served as a catalyst for accelerating our business momentum.

As we progress into the future, our vision has broadened. Since 2021, MYANWAVE has extended its mission beyond geographical borders, aspiring to deliver invaluable services not only to the Burmese population within the country but also to those residing abroad. This expansion underscores our commitment to fostering Myanmar human resource development on a global scale, solidifying our role as a catalyst for positive change in Myanmar and beyond.

About us




Tutoring Services, Training & Development Services


Became a member company of SHEINOVIC Holding group

Organizational Empowerment, Human Resource Development Consulting


Expansion to Japan in collaboration with SHEIN Planning & Consultant LLC

E-Learning platform, Study Abroad Services, Japanese Language Training Center, Recruitment Services, Online Media


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