Charmya e-Learning is an online learning website where Myanmar people worldwide can easily learn at any time, place, or age. You can access pre-recorded video lessons at an affordable price, enabling you to study language and vocational subjects.

Charmya Job, licensed Japanese local employment agency, offers services for Myanmar people seeking quality employment opportunities in Japanese companies. We provide career advising, discussing and advising on workplace difficulties.

Charmya Study offers a one-stop service for Myanmar individuals aspiring to study in Japan. Our services include counseling on educational paths, assistance with school applications, visa applications, and more. We are affiliated with high-quality language schools, colleges, and universities in Japan.

Charmya Study JLLC is a Japanese language learning center where you can systematically learn the Japanese language. It is also a place where you can also immerse yourself in Japanese culture and manners. We provide opportunities for participants to pursue higher education and access employment opportunities.

Charmya Media is an infotainment media platform that covers everything you need to know about Japan. Our goal is to provide accurate information for individuals in Myanmar who have connections to Japan, those planning to study or work in Japan, and those who have already arrived in Japan.

Charmya Podcast share valuable insights on personal and career development. Join us for practical tips, expert interviews, and engaging discussions aimed at empowering your journey. Welcome to a space where knowledge meets motivation!